December 11, 2011

by Barry Chamish


       When I received a copy of Aaron Klein's book, The Manchurian President - WND Books, I knew I had to review it since I worked with him on a few stories. One concerned an American-built military base in Israel. Here are my words and his photos:      

          Aaron respected my work but never acknowledged me publicly. That might affect his credibility and Aaron was too career conscious to take such a risk. On another story, I insisted that he trace Netanyahu's very direct ties to the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR). He said he couldn't. I asked him what he knew about the CFR. He replied,"Plenty, but I can't say so right now."

          So, knowing a bit about the author, I doubted that his book, an expose of Obama's secret backers, would hit paydirt. Further, what difference does exposing Obama make? Klein, an Israeli author, should know that all recent American Presidents are as bad as each other over Israel. Of the CFR-member chief executives, Carter thinks Israel is an apartheid state while Clinton recently told an audience that all Israelis are rotten except old sabras. His secretary of state wife thinks Israel runs Jim Crow laws against women for making them sit, albeit happily and voluntarily, on segregated buses.

          Meanwhile, on the other side of the house, the Bush dynasty was founded by dad and grandad Prescott, who, while working for Brown Brothers Harriman, was a leading American funder of the Nazis both before WWII and during.

          My conclusion? A curse on them all, I'm never voting again.

          Aaron disagrees and thinks there is hope for democracy yet through freedom to publish. And he does hit paydirt but he is far too cautious to say so. Here is how close he comes to being a "conspiratorial" writer:

"Gregory Galluzo, Obama's first trainer in Chicago, described himself as an Alinsky 'true believer'...as had Obama's other teachers at the Gamliel Foundation, Michael Kruglik and Gerald Kellman, who had hired Obama...Galluzo is an ex-Jesuit."

"Another key Obama staffer is...his chief strategist David Axelrod...Axelrod sat on the finance committee of St. Sabina, the Chicago Parish led by controversial priest Michael Pfleger...As a state legislator Obama directed at least $225,000 toward social programs at Pfleger's church."

That's as far as Aaron goes with this information. I saw a pattern within that grew the more I read the book. And I'm sure so did Aaron. It leads to a conclusion that is too dangerous for him to write. But I will. Without adding background information, for that you buy the book, here is a list of over half the key backers who put Obama in the White House.
See if you see the same pattern:

"Both men served as his campaign advisors...The first is Marshall Ganz...the second Obama advisor is Peter Dreier."

"In 1992, Obama served on the funding board of the non-profit Public Allies...Jody Kretzmann headed the Asset-Based Community Development Institute. Public Allies CEO, Paul Schmitz, was an original faculty member of ABCDI."

"The New Party's founders and members...were instrumental in helping facilitate Obama's political career...Founding members included Noam Chomsky, Marxist activist Carl Davidson, sociologist Frances Fox Piven, (acknowledged as the theoretician behind ACORN), feminist Barbara Ehrenreich...The New Party was a creation of Joel Rogers. Rogers' wife Sarah Siskind worked at the same law firm which employed Obama."  

"The co-founders of Project VOTE! - which Obama ran in Cook County in 1992 - were Sandy Newman...and Zach Polett...Please note members of Project VOTE! include...SDS alumni such as Ayers, Dohrn, Rathke and an endless list of Sixties radicals..."

"Andy Stern heads the SEIU,, the union that helped corral the industry groups in support of Obama's healthcare "reform"...He is an Executive Committee member of the Democratic Party Auxiliary, America Coming Together, ACT, funded by George Soros...Tom Balanoff's SEIU Illinois Council led the international union to endorse Obama in the Presidential primary."

"Marilyn Katz served on the national finance committee of Obama's presidential campaign...and was close to David Axelrod (who} was mentored by Katz's former SDS comrade, David Rose...Bettylou Saltzman met Obama when he was in charge of Project VOTE!'s registration drive and was 'so impressed, that she took him under her wing, introduced him to wealthy donors and talking him up to David Axelrod...'Several people around Obama have IPS connections including his Chicago mentor, former Congressman Abner Mikva...Don Rose, a mentor to Obama's right-hand man David Axelrod, served in the leadership of the IPS spinoff Conference on Alternative State and Local Policies with Miles Rappaport."

"Rosa Brooks is senior advisor to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy...Reportedly named for communist heroine Rosa Luxemburg, Brooks is the daughter of Barbara Ehrenreich, who is Honorary Chairwoman of the Democratic Socialists of America. In a 2006 column (she) blamed Israel's actions in the Middle East for fueling anti-American resentment from the Arab world."

"Obama designated longtime personal friend and top campaign fundraiser Julius Genachowski as Chief Commissioner of the FCC...During the 2008 campaign Genachowski served as Obama's chairman of the Technology, Media and Communications policy working group...Kevin Werbach, who co-directed the Obama transition team's Federal Communications Review team is an advisory board member at Public Knowledge, a George Soros-funded public interest group."

"The national campaign director  for Campaign for America's Future, Richard Kirsch, has also, since its founding in 2008, served as campaign director for HCAN...Kirsch served as financial director of the Illinois Public Action Council. There he worked with Rahm Emanuel and Jan Schakowsky...Schakowsky's husband Robert Creamer, had written a lengthy political manual while in prison...containing a 'ten point plan for foisting universal healthcare on America by 2009...the Democrats have followed Creamer's plan to the letter.'...Then we have Jeffrey David Blum, founder and co-chair of Health Care For America Now. Beginning in 2001, Blum made a number of contributions to Obama loyalist Schakowsky...Jason Rosenbaum is...Deputy Director of Online Campaigns, Health Care for America NOW...'I think he knows something about health care,' said Mr. Obama.'"

Aaron Klein hints at who Obama is the Manchurian President for. But he dares not reveal a most complicated issue because it puts him in apparent league with the addle-brained, deeply anti-semitic "writers" who, so far, have not deciphered his research. However, in this manipulated reality we must live in, those who love Israel have a most unhappy alliance with those who hate their guts.
      The majority of those who discovered Obama, groomed him and put him in the White House, were radical Jewish leftists. There are no people as determined to destroy Israel as this very tiny but determined Jewish minority and Obama is doing their dirty work.
      There, Aaron, you couldn't say it. So I did.


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