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Barry Chamish:
World famous Israeli
author & journalist;
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(This is a free transcript of a speech Barry gave in Denver, Colorado sometime in 2004.) You can click on the link below to read it:



(Click on the free transcript above to read)

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The Dirty War on the Settlers (4-part video series)

Dirty War on the Settlers (Part 1)

The Dirty War on the Settlers (Part 2)
The Dirty War on the Settlers (Part 3)
The Dirty War on the Settlers (Part 4)

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The Vatican's New Crusade Against Jerusalem - Barry exposes the Vatican's campaign to re-establish the Holy Roman Empire of Charlemagne and an interfaith, ecumenical one world religion under their "spiritual authority" . . . . Here is the reason Europe wants Israel out of Jerusalem.

The Secret War Against The Settlers - The lecture details the undeclared war to remove the settlers from their homes, including the violent removal of two dozen of their rabbis. The settlers have become complacent in the wake of the war and will surrender with barely a fight.

Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin - Barry's thesis is that when Rabin got cold feet about the betrayal of the Jewish nation being engineered through the Oslo diplomatic process, he was eliminated by his own political faction . . . . (Barry also has presented a mountain of evidence that points to both Rabin and Sharon having died at the hands of the current defacto leader of Israel, Shimon Peres, who represents the Vatican and the EU).

Why Israel Is "Losing" the War - Barry speaks about the agenda to sabotage the future of the "nation of Israel", the "peace process" which will not lead to peace for any of the players - but rather to a country without borders and Jerusalem as an international city. Barry speaks up about the kidnapped soldiers who were never returned, the soldiers with inadequate equipment trying to fight a war they are not being allowed to win. He speaks about what he feels the future holds for more war, and for Israel and it's people, and how it will affect all of us.

Barry Chamish in IDF


Some of Barry's Recent Lectures:

  • The Deadly War Against the Settlers (available on DVD): Speaking on March of 2005, Barry explained "the plan" by the CFR and key players to remove the settlers from Yesha, by force, and the long list of murders of those opposing Oslo and the "peace plan". Subsequent to this lecture, his predictions of forcefully evacuating settlers, giving up the land, war in the region, and more, have come to pass.


  • Barry gave lectures in Toronto, Indiana, Colorado, and Mississippi during June and July of 2006.


  • Barry lectured on Saturday, 15 July at 7:00pm-10:00pm, located at: 9750 South 300 West, Sandy Utah; he lectured on the controversial circumstances surrounding the death of Rep. Wayne Owens in Israel a few years ago, as well as his views on the current situation in Israel.
    watch video



  • August 13, 2006, spoke Sunday evening at 9:00 PM,
    in Dallas, TX at Cafe Finos on Campbell.




  • September 16 and following, 2006, Barry was in Colorado and speaking at Beit Messiah. Contact Barry to set up speaking engagements or call George at 800-205-6245 for more information.


  • July of 2007, Barry did a speaking tour in NYC, upstate NY, and Colorado.


Barry giving lecture in Jerusalem


Contact Barry for a lecture or interview.

Contact Barry:    904.315.8079

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