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Barry Chamish:
World famous Israeli
author & journalist;
hear the latest behind the scenes on Israel!

Barry for a lecture or interview.

  • Who killed Yitzhak Rabin?
  • How did Wayne Owens die?
  • Who is behind the war on the settlers?
  • What is the real story of the Oslo Accords?
  • Why are the "peace talks" not working?
  • Why are those opposing Oslo having accidents?
  • Shabtai Tzvi is still affecting politics?
  • What really happened during the holocaust?
  • What part does the Vatican play?
  • Who is really running Israel?
  • Will Israel win this war?
  • What is the future of Israel?
  • What is the future of the Middle East?

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Stan Monteith, Charles Giuliani, Don Wiedeman,
Zev Brenner, Larry Adams, Keith Vyzygoth,
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Gordon Comstock, WGDR, Jeff Rense,
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Nadia Shamsedin, Bill Deagle, Gianni Hayes,
Zeph Daniels, Dana Smith, Mary Sutherland,
Brian Bonner & Truth Brigade Radio!
Listen to
more of Barry's shows.

Watch Barry:
Barry Chamish at work (YouTube video) at Rabin's Tenth Annual Memorial Rally! [Barry lost the "fat" since the video; see his newer photos]

Barry Chamish in Salt Lake City, lecturing on murder of Yitzhak Rabin and Wayne Owens July 15, 2006
(Google video)

The Freeman Report on 12-27-2006 (Google video)
Google video)

"Who Is Bibi Netanyahu Working For?" (Google video)

Time Out Productions with Kevin Gallagher (YouTube video)

Israel in Trouble: by Barry Chamish (YouTube video)

Full Report: Chamish in Crown Heights (article)

Chamish conference - in Hebrew (a photo show)

Rabin Video (Google video)

Barry speaking on Netanyahu (Google video)

The Vatican's New Crusade for Jerusalem (Google video)

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Thank you for your concern for the
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