by Barry Chamish with Dr. Daisy Stern

June 21, 2012

Bye Bye Gaza
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Just a typical Tuesday. . . I talked to my friend Tova in Jerusalem. She is aghast that the Nationalist and Religious cabinet ministers broke their vows to protect the victims of the upcoming expulsions of Jews in Judea and Samaria (Yesha). "How,'" she asked me, "Could they ALL break their word this way?" As wise as Tova is, she still is too innocent to understand threats. Netanyahu threatened to fire them and deprive them of their thirty pieces of silver. Big strategic shock!

On July 1, the Israeli Supreme Court ordered the "settlement" of Givat Ulpana to be destroyed, followed by large chunks of Migron on Aug. 1, followed by 3 more "settlements" by the end of the summer. Some 2500 Jews will be thrown out of their homes without compensation in the upcoming summer months. And I know all the tricks to assure that the idiotic residents don't kick up too much of a fuss. I catalogued them when the same tricks were used to throw out 10,000 Jews from Gaza and Northern Samaria into the cold streets of whoever will shelter them, even in Tel Aviv, in my book Bye Bye Gaza.

A typical Tuesday evening. I record my radio program at First Amendment Radio. My first guest is Dr. Daisy Stern of Hebron. My planned issue was the upcoming expulsions, how the Gaza molesters and blackmailees like Aviner and Ben Gvir were already at work. How no crowds of a quarter of a million will gather on the streets this time to protest Yesha policy. How the expellees will become more patriotic than ever... their friends and families stupider than last short, a vigorous debate.

But there was no debate. Except for some of her prophetic analyses, we agreed on everything. I could have used her research energy and claimed it as my inspiration...but I won't. Here is Daisy's report:

Bye, Bye, Givat Ha'Ulpana

It is with deep emotional pain that I am writing this post; normally I like to share what I have discovered with my readers, but this time the reality of it all hurts me to the core.

Last night I appeared on Barry Chamish's radio show again; this has become a regular occurrence, as every so often Barry asks me to be his guest; he is a knowledgeable radio host and cares tremendously about current events in Israel,  so we always end up having lively discussions. This time was no exception, as the topic of Givat Ha'Ulpana touches him to the core too: after all he even wrote a book about the expulsion from Gush Katif, called "Bye Bye Gaza". We discussed Givat Ha'Ulpana last night: after uncovering what I have uncovered, the only thing I can say is, "Bye, Bye, Givat Ha'Ulpana." You will understand the title as you (download and) listen to the show.

The audio pretty much says it all, but in addition I have included links to my sources:

Arutz 7 reported that 1,000 police personnel, including Yassam, SWAT teams, border police, mounted police, etc, were prepared to be deployed against the residents, and training was on the way.

  • To get an idea about the level of brutality perpetrated against Jewish civilians removed from their homes on other such occasions, often in the middle of the night, on coldest winter nights and with utter barbarity, check out the label on my blog: "Israeli police torturing settlers."

This label also includes information on Barak's special unit against the settlers. And on some videos you can clearly see the mercenaries, often with their faces covered with masks, who can barely utter a word or two in Hebrew.

We are truly in the war of Gog and Magog described by the prophets. It is actually encouraging to watch those said NATO forces on one side, and Russia, Iran and China on the other, at each others' throats in Syria. Do not forget that Syria IS part of the Land of the Bible given to the Jewish People. So when the prophets said that Gog and Magog would find their graves here, I think they were not so far-fetched. We can already see how enemies of Israel are warring against each other, how Arabs are killing each other. So there are some encouraging signs; but meanwhile here in the STATE of Israel we see our Erev Rav inept government follow Menachem Begin and his disastrous approach during the Altalena episode, as MK Ayelet Shaked aptly pointed out (in different words), "Orlev Livid over Rival's Claim He Enabled Disengagement" Rather than the dictates of the Torah, which has commanded us to defend Eretz Yisrael and to destroy Amalek. So the bottom line is, we need to stop being so naive, we need to stop following leaders who betray us for whatever their reasons are, and we need to start to do what God has commanded us to do.

This summer Israel will either be totally divided or, as I suspect, totally deluded. Either way, the march of the settlers out will have begun.

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