Israel's Insane Occultic Coroner

Dr. Yehuda HissJust this week, an Italian production company, who came all the way to Florida to film little old me, e-mailed me Hebrew documents to translate. The first three were the lying testimony of State Coroner, Dr. Yehuda Hiss. I wrote them back,

"His was the only 'expert' witness who found that Rabin was shot only in the back from a meter's distance."

Where are the doctors like Guttman, Barabash or Sneh, or the police ballistics examiner Gladstein, who declared that Rabin died of a point blank spinal wound? Suspecting another in a long series of coverups, I e-mailed them the latest Hiss scandal. However, I need not have worried. Soon after I translated the testimonies of Guttman and Gladstein, as well as the note sent to Dr. Barabash warning him to shut up or a "foreign hit squad" would slaughter him. Read more

Hagai Amir Set To Re-Open the Rabin Murder?

Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin?
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Coming up next month, after 16.5 years in the clink for supplying weapons and ammo to his patsy brother, Yigal to murder Yitzhak Rabin, Hagai Amir will be released according to Ynet News. Yigal Amir's brother, Hagai Amir, is to be released from prison in two weeks (May 2012) after serving a 16.5-year sentence in solitary confinement for his involvement in the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. Read more

Et Tu, Elad? or Israelis Think Netanyahu Is On Their Side

Elad Pressman, to my mind, is Israel's leading deep investigative journalist. Two weeks ago I had him on my radio show and what he said disturbed me so much it influenced the questions I posed to this week's guest, Dr. Jerome Corsi. Elad insisted he is satisfied that Israelis are waking up and getting noticeably smarter. Stage one of his proofs is the government cabinet; Stage 2, the Likud Party primaries. Read more

Out of Israel - The Next Exodus

Bye Bye Gaza
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Not two months ago, the head of military intelligence for the IDF, Aviv Kochavi felt he had to tell the public a painful truth. Israel's enemies, presumably not Egypt or Jordan, had 200,000 missiles aimed at everywhere in the country. In the next war, unlike the disastrous war of ' 06 which saw literally, the entire north driven south by the missiles, this time there would be nowhere to run. Kochavi may have let the cat out of the bag but the entire General Staff knows the stats that conclude Israel is a goner. So scared is this settler-less staff that less than a month before, they let Hamas rain over 300 rockets in 4 days from Rishon Letzion east to Beersheva. The army, overwhelmed with fear that any retaliation might spark a full scale war it would lose, sat on its hands comatose. Read more

Airhead Settlers

While painfully recuperating from double bypass surgery, I have not sought to speak on any radio shows. The one exception is my radio show, which I keep moving with guest hosts. Recently, another broadcaster, Tamar Yonah of was on the show and she was delighted:

Shalom Barry, Just wanted to send you a short note of thanks for inviting me on the show. I think we did an important thing, showing the face of 'settlers' and showing the world we are not evil monsters. No news agencies ever show us in that light, and most people come away with a very shallow 2 dimensional picture of us being gun toting extremists looking to start a fight. The show that we did which reached an American audience that doesn't necessarily care about Israel enough to check out our news, so it was a very positive and worthy show that will hopefully help the American people as well. Knowing that we are both targets and victims of global aspirations, will hopefully enable us to identify the enemies who would like to see us weak and or disappear completely.

G-d bless and thanks again for having me on,


What Tamar missed was a very real disagreement on settler thinking. Read more

Paranoia Strikes Deep In Jerusalem

The Informant - Menachem called me to let me know that Yochanan Spielberg was murdered in a ghastly manner in his home in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Nachlaot. He was found with his hands and feet bound from behind, but that didn't stop him from hanging himself. The police declared it a suicide. In a Ha'aretz Hebrew report, the reporter found a rabbi who admitted that someone could commit suicide this way, and thus let the police off the hook. I won't grant such a luxury. Normal logic dictates that Yochanan was cruelly sent to his demise. Read more

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