by Barry Chamish - July 6, 2012

Bye Bye Gaza
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Those deluded settlers. I rationally explained in my last article So Long Yesha, Hello My Tel Aviv Home that their enterprise is coming to an end. An ugly confluence of the Israeli Supreme Court and the Netanyahu government is throwing them out of their homes a few hundred at a time. So what do these settlers do with their dying breaths? They sic an American billionaire, everyone says Sheldon Adelson, to purchase land from Palestinians around the doomed village of Migron, thus preventing the next expulsion. Just watch this plan implode! And I can't do a thing to stop it.

As I watch Yesha slowly disappear, I have forgotten other, smaller issues. It's time to catch up on the littlest victims of the Labor Zionist rampage controlling the nation. We begin with the business side of the ruling caste:


Hi Barry,

This is a letter i recently sent to these two con artists in Israel.

My friend here in Cape Town tells me you’re the man for expose regarding shady Israeli business dealings. Should you want complete details of this event, i shall be glad oblige.



Disgraceful Conduct And Highly Questionable Business Ethics Associated With Fellow Jews And Israeli Participants:

The Clalit Scam: First Anniversary

Gentlemen (and I use this term loosely):

This month, July, represents the first anniversary of one of the most disgraceful and unethical events I have yet come across in the 46 years i have been in business.

Your conduct has had a profound effect on my staff, most of whom are not Jewish. The net effect being that i now have approximately 80 people who work for a Jewish firm, harboring an extremely anti-Israeli and indeed moreover, an anti-Semitic mind set. All these people were privy to the manner in which you deliberately and mindfully went about to deceive my company into believing that there was a legitimate chance for our us to get the Clalit business in Israel, when indeed no chance existed what so ever . It was all one big sham. Either that or you’ve have unlawfully used our work without our permission for your own gain… a sham that cost my company over r 250,000 in hard outlay.

I am ashamed. At being a Jew in front of my gentile staff who worked day and night on this con and ashamed at having close connections with Israel and being a staunch supporter of the Zionist cause for so many years. I say this because you are not the only business I’ve done with Israelis that has turned out to be a disaster due to dishonest and unethical conduct, in truth, i have had no less than 7: in Miami, in London, in Israel, in South Africa, in Africa and France. However, this scenario with you guys is by far the worst and most expensive yet. Something you can be really proud of. The severity of this behavior cannot be left to rest.

And now the social implications of a Labor-Left Israel, firmly in their hands:

Can you do a lot of men a favor? Next time you do a send out: mention the struggle of men in Israel being discriminated against in the Family Court. The progress the radical feminists have made since mine started in 04- is incredible. Now- they just have the wife make a complaint to police- and they use that to make the claim. Within a month the man has to visit his children at the "Merkaz Kesher," where their visits are monitored. Within three months the social worker has labeled the man as "violent and dangerous" and from that moment on--they go on to destroy the man's life: 25 suicides last year of men who were broken. The feminist agenda through NIF has turned the country into a police state. They actually separate the father from his children. They go that far. They are *** Nazis. There is a whole under-culture of organizations and activists. The social affairs ministry under Moshe Kahalon has been told to do nothing to change the status quo. A bunch of us are creating, "The Association of Victims of The Israeli Family Court" and seek compensation. The law passed in 94-95 in Rabin gov't with NIF and Yael Levy. At same time they got the Knesset to agree to have a special investigative committee on the issue of "the alarming number of men murdering their wives in Israel." With all the Oslo *** going on- this snuck right under the radar screen. Created an entirely new level of courts. The cost to the taxpayer and economy is in the billions. It's really coming to a boil now as there has been so many victims in the last 15 years everyone knows one. Nothing in the press but everyone knows about this *** because they know someone who's been screwed.

Write me if you want to contact The Family Court Victims Association. The complainant is shy about becoming widely known but I'll forward the correspondence.

Now MY personal complaint against my computer being clogged by the so-called Palestinians:

The Terrorists Of The Palestinian Network For Press and Information The mentality that produces Palestinian irrationality, violence and terrorism is at work in the The Palestinian Network For Press and Information. I am one, apparently of many, who are, without permission, forced to receive its correspondence. Other victims plead, "Take me off this list. I don't speak Arabic." or "Why are you swamping me with e-mails? I don't speak Arabic and don't particularly like you."

Once The Palestinian Network for Press and Information finds your address, they won't let you go. I have contacted the following addresses asking to be unsubscribed. Not a one has answered or complied:

So, with nothing to lose, I started reading their English messages and sites. After reading their propaganda, no one can miss the point that Israel has to be nuts if it thinks it signed a sincere peace agreement with these criminals. They have no desire whatsoever to honor it. In fact, one correspondent of The Palestinian Network For Press and Information has a catchy logo: "I Hate Israel." Other correspondents represent Palestinian "cultural groups," which in totality prove there is no “Palestinian” people or culture. There is Arab culture. Their version requires a massive rewriting of consensus history, and a heck of a lot of self-delusion and lying to themselves.

I am a Middle East journalist who sees the obvious flaws in both sides of the political spectrum. The difference is, the Israeli side produces a minority of free thinkers, while the Palestinians won't admit to anything outside of their concocted "history." So, I rebelled by sending the various unknowing harassers of The Palestinian Network For Press and Information, my articles. And needless to say, my work ethic demands the highest evidentiary standards. It tells the true history, good and bad not an issue, of the Israel-Palestine issue. No one comes out a winner, but the Palestinians, more than the Israelis; hide their unsavory past with all their might.

The response from the readers? I should seek the truth in Allah. Which, by the way, is irrelevant because I don't intend to. But that is the degraded mentality of, at least, some of the "journalists" sent to me by The Terrorists of the Palestinian Network For Press and Information. They try to wear you down so you accept their "culture" and objective truth plays no role in their outlook.

The response from the readers: I should seek the truth in Allah, which, by the way, is irrelevant because I don't intend to. But that is the degraded mentality of, at least, some of the "journalists" sent to me by The Terrorists Of The Palestinian Network For Press and Information. They try to wear you down so you accept their "culture" and objective truth plays no role in their outlook.

I am sick of receiving these childish views on life, current events, and religion from these intellectual amateurs. If you want to read me, go to to my website. If you don't, I sure don't want to read you. My spam block is unresponsive to The Palestinian Network For Press and Information, so I'm stuck with their, and I say this without rancor, garbage. Their lack of response is just more proof that the so-called Palestinian culture is ruled by terrorism at every level.

We now return to my last article on the settlers.

An out there but known Rabbi of some American clique responded to it: Michael Lerner wrote:

"Those settlers should be forced to pay compensation to the Palestinians whose lands they illegally grabbed! That would be fairer, and more gentle, than putting them in jail, which is closer to what a normal Western legal system would do."

ME replying: The Arabs should compensate all 800,000 Jews they threw out. Whose side are you on?

He is stuck, but predictably answers: "God's side." Nation states are a recent invention and God never said that Jews needed sovereignty or a nation state to live in our ancient homeland.

But I agree that just as Israel must compensate all those Palestinians forced out by the Nakba, so the Arab world must compensate the Jews who were forced out in the early years of the State.

So many complaints! Such hostility from inside the Jewish people! Such different realities! I really should be back in Israel. But despite increasing medical bills, and the difficulty to pay them off, for now, I'm glad to be in Florida. With all I know, I couldn't begin to tackle all the complaints within Israel.

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