by Barry Chamish

While painfully recuperating from double bypass surgery, I have not sought to speak on any radio shows. The one exception is my radio show, which I keep moving with guest hosts. Recently, another broadcaster, Tamar Yonah of Israel National Radio (Arutz 7) was on the show and she was delighted:

Shalom Barry, Just wanted to send you a short note of thanks for inviting me on the show. I think we did an important thing, showing the face of 'settlers' and showing the world we are not evil monsters. No news agencies ever show us in that light, and most people come away with a very shallow 2 dimensional picture of us being gun toting extremists looking to start a fight. The show that we did which reached an American audience that doesn't necessarily care about Israel enough to check out our news, so it was a very positive and worthy show that will hopefully help the American people as well. Knowing that we are both targets and victims of global aspirations, will hopefully enable us to identify the enemies who would like to see us weak and or disappear completely.

G-d bless and thanks again for having me on,


What Tamar missed was a very real disagreement on settler thinking.

Tamar boasted that settlers had the highest percentage of soldiers in the officer ranks of the IDF. I replied,

"You're making that a badge of honor. It's a disgrace that your children have joined the ranks of your worst enemies. Do you think they advance settler officers? Name a settler major general. Settler officers end their days as captains and majors where they have no effect on military policy."

Tamar continued to boast about her son, an officer in the IDF. "When the nation needs him, he is ready,"she noted. To which I replied,

"The nation is bulldozing your communities non-stop. They are forcing your neighbors outside in the middle of the night to watch their homes being smashed to bits. To compound the humiliation, they are using Arabs to destroy the homes while mocking and pillaging the Jewish victims."

Once again the IDF used Arab workers to do the dirty work of expelling Jews from their homes and, by the way, these Arabs stole jewelry and work utensils from the expelled Jews.

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The next big "evacuation" will be in March when the community of Migron is wiped off the map. Tamar bragged that she could see Migron from her house. She did NOT brag that her son's army would be behind Migron's destruction. Taking the logic naturally to its source, her son would be the destroyer of his neighbors' homes in Migron. YES, HER SON! I had enough of airhead settler thinking when I wrote a book about the 9000 expelled Jews of Gush Katif and northern Samara called Bye Bye Gaza. (Lulu Books). Just prior to the destruction of the communities, a rabbi invited me to peruse his notes on the belle of Gaza's ball, Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, hero to the yeshivas of Gush Katif. Aviner was arrested and investigated for a series of attacks on women and given a choice: you play the game our way and lead the Jews out of their homes peacefully or we prosecute you. A few days later I saw Aviner being cheered by 50,000 adoring yeshiva students as he lead them in circles as far away from Gaza as he could get away with. In the end, those few Jews who still believed in their rabbi, set up camp twenty miles from their supposed destination of Gush Katif.

As for the Jews of Gaza, they are still homeless and waiting for compensation. And soon to join them will be the Jews of Migron. There are occasional bursts of anger such as a member of the Yesha Council recently threatening to divorce her communities from the government. She was furious that the cops of Yesha had to be hatefully anti-settler to be deployed there. The results are there to all to see: The number of policemen in Judea and Samaria is one per 340 residents, compared to areas with high crime rates such as Lod, where there is one cop per 662 residents or Netanya which has one cop for every 1428 residents.

The report also says that the percentage of indictments served against the population in Judea and Samaria is 300 percent, compared to residents of other areas in Israel. This completely contradicts the Attorney General s guidelines regarding the need to determine a uniform policy of action throughout the Israeli police, the report notes.

As well, according to the data presented, the percentage of cases which are opened by police in the absence of a complainant in Judea and Samaria is higher by approximately 70 percent than the national average. The Yesha Human Rights Organization notes that all this points to the fact that the police invests in resources in Judea and Samaria and that local officers are highly diligent. However, the organization notes, when examining the district s meeting of police goals, one finds that no citizen in Judea and Samaria will be treated in the same way as a resident of Haifa or Be er Sheva when it comes to offenses of burglary, car theft etc.

The residents of Yesha, in short, have no police protection because the police despise them. Any officer of the government's IDF has one and only one duty; after the next evacuation, refuse to give or accept orders. Sit in jail for dereliction of duty but DO NOT OBEY OR SERVE THE IDF.

What disturbed me about Tamar's interview was that she will brag about her son the officer until the day the bulldozers arrive at her door. And they're coming.

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