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2012-2013 Radio Show Listings

  • July 10, 2012 - Special Two-Hour Program with Professor Robert Eisenman, Cal State-Long Beach Emeritus Professor, Bible Scholar, Prolific Author, and was responsible for getting the authorities to release the Dead Sea Scrolls to the public.

  • Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith

    Guest Spots with Barry Chamish

    Barry Chamish is a frequent guest on Dr. Stan Monteith's Radio Liberty Program on Channel 3 of Genesis Communications Network. Dr. Monteith is a retired physician with many years of practice in the State of California. He is the author of the book AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic, and two pamphlets To Deceive a Nation and more recently, A Nation Deceived and Betrayed.

    Barry appears on a regular basis on Radio Liberty as an expert on Israel and the Middle East. To learn when Barry is going to be on Radio Liberty, check Dr. Monteith's Twitter Feed and if you miss his appearance, the show will be archived here.

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